Unemployment between 1921 and 1936

  Unemployment in the Witham area, 1921 to 1936 1921 Crittall’s A difficult year. Continued collapse of post-war boom. Miners’ strike in May so coal shortage. But still lots of windows sold. (ERO T/Z 67, page 112). UDC Finance Committee, 29 August 1921, page 113 Wages of Council’s workmen to be reduced 4s 6d in … Continue reading “Unemployment between 1921 and 1936”

38. Football

I hope readers were cheered by the great footballing news that we heard in May 2016. Witham Town were promoted to the Premier Division of the Isthmian League (Ryman League). I think this is only three steps below the Football League (do check in Wikipedia). They start playing in their new role soon and we … Continue reading “38. Football”