Ebenezer Smith

  Ebenezer Smith in 1936 A FEW OF HIS DISTINCTIONS Signalman on the railway until his retirement from work in 1936. Held innumerable voluntary posts, including especially:- First Labour member of the Witham Urban District Council (1920), and then: First Labour Chairman of the Council (1933-1935). Pioneer of the Council’s new housing schemes in the … Continue reading “Ebenezer Smith”

Tape 001. Mrs Dorothy Ireland (nee Goss), sides 1 and 2

Tape 1 Mrs Ireland was born in 1894, and was interviewed on 25 November 1976. when she lived at 12 Chalks Road, Witham. She also appears on tapes 2, 3, 7, 33, 86, 90 and 97. For more information about her, see the the notes in the people category headed Ireland, Mrs Dorothy (Dolly), nee … Continue reading “Tape 001. Mrs Dorothy Ireland (nee Goss), sides 1 and 2”