First World War. 15. Witham soldiers killed, together with information about the progress of the War

First World War.
15. Witham soldiers who died in WW1, in date order, together with information about the progress of the War.

Compiled by Janet Gyford, c.2005

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General information is mostly from the schoolnet web site and from

Details are mostly from the War memorial and the web site of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC).

(Y) after names show people who almost certainly had their homes in Witham.
(P) shows people who perhaps had their names in Witham.
(N) shows people not living in Witham (but perhaps sons of Witham people etc.).

Black is Western front, blue at sea, brown Middle East, orange Italy, Greece and Turkey

Information about individuals is arranged like this:-

Date of death / Name / Rank / Honours / Regiment and unit /  Age / Additional info. from CWGC et al / Grave ref CWGC / Cemetery CWGC / Cemetery loc CWGC

I have only put the strokes (/) in the entries for the first two soldiers, because of lack of time. I hope the other entries will make reasonable sense all the same. Note that two double dashes [–    –] usually means that there is no information about the soldier’s age or relatives.


4 August 1914.  GB & F declare War on Germany.
7 to 16 August 1914.  First contingent of British Expeditionary Force lands in France.
21 August 1914.  British move towards Mons; 23rd the battle of Mons begins.
24-26 August 1914.  Retreat from Mons.
26 August 1914. Rearguard action at Battle of Le Cateau: British forced to retreat: Louvain destroyed by the Germans.

26 August 1914.  Lieut Auriol Round injured at le Cateau.
05 September 1914  /  Death of Auriol Francis Hay Round (Y)  /  Lieutenant  /  Essex Regiment, 2nd Bn.  /  22  /  Son of Francis R. Round, C.M.G., and F. Emily Round, of Avenue House, Witham  /  North boundary.  /  Witham (All Saints) Churchyard  /  United Kingdom, Essex
Essex County Chronicle 11 Sept says Auriol’s injury was on 26 Aug at Le Cateau.  Says he was taken back to London Hospital, got tetanus, died 5th Sept. Long report of him and funeral. First Essex army officer to be killed in the War.

-10 September 1914Marne
13-28 September, 1914. Aisne. Heavy fighting round Missy and Vailly.

14 September 1914  / Death of Richard Howard-Vyse, Chev. Legion d’Honneur Loyal N (Y)  /  Captain  /  Chev. Legion d’Honneur Loyal N  /  Lancashire Regiment, Adjt. 1st Bn.  /  37  /  Son of the late Lt. Gen. E. Howard-Vyse, of Witham, Essex.  /  — /   La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial

France, Seine-et-Marne
Aisne, bombardment of Reims Cathedral.

20 September 1914    Alexander Wighton Ingles (N)    Major    West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own), 1st Bn.    45    Son of the Rev. Canon D. Ingles, of Witham, Essex; husband of Eugenie Ellen Ingles, of Heatherhurst, Camberley, Surrey. Served in the South African Campaign.       La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial, France, Seine-et-Marne
[referred to in  EWN and ECC 1 Oct 1915 when Canon Ingles retired. Said he had been surrounded, but not surrendered]

15 October-22 November 1914, Ypres (1st B), British Expeditionary Force ‘effectively destroyed as professional army’.

Pacific: Battle of Coronel: H.M.S.s “Monmouth” and “Good Hope” lost in fight with von Spee’s German squadron.

01 November 1914    Ernest George Glass (Y)    Stoker 1st class    Royal Navy, HMS Good Hope    32    Son of John and Alice Jane Glass, of 4, Scrivener Terrace, Chipping Hill, Witham, Essex.      4. Portsmouth Naval Memorial    United Kingdom, Hampshire

1 Jan – 30 March 1915, Allied offensive in Artois and Champagne

01 January 1915    William Everitt (N)    Private    Scots Guards, 2nd Bn.   32    Husband of Annie L. M. Everitt, of 34, Gideon Rd., Lavender Hill, London.     Panel 1, Ploegsteert Memorial    Belgium, Comines-Warneton, Hainaut
Not on War memorial but buried in All Saints churchyard, Witham.

03 March 1915    Henry William Warr (N)   Private    Essex Regiment, 6th Bn.    48    Son of Charles Wesley Warr; husband of Elizabeth Warr, of 59, Park Rd., West Ham, London. Born at Stratford.      North-west of church    Witham (All Saints)    United Kingdom, Essex

Early March 1915, Neuve Chapelle

17 April 1915    J O’Connell (N)    Private    Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 7th Bn.    —    —   North-east corner, Witham (All Saints) churchyard    United Kingdom, Essex.   One of the soldiers billeted in Witham. [see newspaper] Not on War memorial.

22 April-May 25 1915. Ypres (2nd) Germans, poison gas
9 May 1915, Artois (2nd) began
13 May 1915. Beginning of Battle of Frezenberg. Battle of Frezenberg notorious for Essex men according to Ian Hook. ‘Famous charge’ by Essex Yeomanry.

Harry Mann of Witham wounded (according to later Essex Weekly News, 1 October 1915, when he was at home and had drawn pictures etc for an address to Canon Ingles, vicar, who was leaving).

8th – 13th May ‘Battle of Frezenberg Ridge During this phase of the battle of Ypres the Germans tried to smash through the front held by the 27th and 28th divisions by using their superiority in guns and ammunition. The front line trenches were obliterated, but despite this and the release of a further gas cloud on the 10th May they made little headway. By the end of the six day battle the Germans had advanced about a thousand yards’ (from

March 1915 –January, 1916. Gallipoli

07 May 1915    James Everitt (Y)      Private    Essex Regiment, 1st Bn.    32    Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Everitt, of 67, Maldon Rd., Witham, Essex.      Panel 144 to 150 or 229 to 233, Helles Memorial    Turkey, unspecified

Gallipoli, two divisions effect surprise landing at Suvla Bay and attack

06 August 1915    F O Joslin (N)    Private    Essex Regiment, 1st Bn.    21    Son of Mrs. J. Everitt, of Rose Cottage, Great Baddow, Chelmsford.    Of Boreham, Essex.      Sp. Mem. C. 313, Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery     Turkey, unspecified

06 August 1915    H T Payne (P)    Second Lieut       Essex Regiment, 3rd Bn. attd. 1st Bn.    —    —    VII. D. 1, Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery    Turkey, unspecified

25 September – 13 Oct 1915. Artois-Loos

04 October 1915    G C Dawson (Y)    Private       Essex Regiment, 11th Bn.    21    Son of Mrs. S. Dawson, of Church St., Chipping Hill, Witham, Essex.      I. E. 12,. Chocques Military Cemetery   France, Pas de Calais
Essex County Chronicle, 15 and 22 Oct 1915, just says ‘in action at the Dardanelles’. Memorial service etc. All his 4 brothers serving

09 October 1915    Hubert Noel Pelly [or Hubert Richard in ECC] (Y)    Lieutenant    Essex Regiment, 1st/7th Bn.    20    Son of Edmund Nevill Pelly and E. Mary Pelly, of Witham Lodge, Witham, Essex.       IV. B. 2, 7th FIELD AMBULANCE CEMETERY   Turkey, unspecified

18 October 1915    Edward Ernest Shelley (P)   Private    Essex Regiment, 9th Bn.    —    —     Panel 85 to 87, Loos Memorial    France, Pas de Calais

23 October 1915    Charles Leonard Sneezum
(Y)   Private     Essex Regiment, 11th Bn.    22    Son of Arthur William and Alice Sneezum, of High St., Witham.      North-West of Church, Witham (All Saints) Churchyard     United Kingdom, Essex
Died in England from wounds received at Loos, and buried in Witham – see Essex County Chronicle and Essex Weekly News 5 Nov 1915, and photos M922-927

2 Feb 1916, British introduced conscription
Verdun (the French)

20 March 1916    Frank Edward Haygreen (Y)   Driver    Royal Engineers, 70th Field Coy.    25    Son of Emma Jane Haygreen, of 7, Trafalgar Square, Maldon Rd., Witham, Essex.      IV. E. 49, Lillers Communal Cemetery     France, Pas de Calais

18 May 1916    R C Brown (Y)    Private    Essex Regiment, 11th Bn.    37    Husband of Mrs. A. Brown, of Church St., Chipping Hill, Witham, Essex.      I. M. 23. Wimereux Communal Cemetery   France, Pas de Calais

18 May 1916    George William Sneezum (Y)   Private      Essex Regiment, 11th Bn.    24    Son of Arthur William and Alice Sneezum, of 151, High St., Witham, Essex.      II. N. 21, Essex Farm Cemetery   Belgium, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen.  See Essex County Chronicle, 26 May 1916, shot by bullet, buried Essex Farm.

1 July to c. 18 November, 1916.  Somme (1st day, 1 July, worst in history of army, 1/3 killed. Offensive starts north and south of Somme.

01 July 1916    Bert Allen (Y)    Lance Corp    Essex Regiment, 2nd Bn.    25    Son of Alfred and Agnes Allen, of 21, Mill Field Terrace, Witham, Essex.   Pier and Face 10 D, Thiepval Memorial    France,

Somme, British advance continued

15 July 1916    George William Fleming (Y)   Private    Suffolk Regiment, 4th Bn.    16    Son of Mr. A. and Mrs E. Fleming, of 19, Church St., Chipping Hill, Witham, Essex [probably Arthur and Ellen, from 1930 electoral register]      XI. C. 10,   Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz     France, [checked age 16 with cwgc, they said yes]

Somme. British storm and capture German second line positions.

17 July 1916    Alfred Potter (Y)    Private    Royal Munster Fusiliers, 2nd Bn.    25    Son of Mrs. E. Potter, of 28, Maldon Rd., Witham, Essex.    Pier and Face 16 C,  Thiepval Memorial    France.

13 August 1916    Clifford G. Shelley (P)    Private      Essex Regiment, 9th Bn.    —    —    Pier and Face 10 D, Thiepval Memorial    France

France, Somme, near Courcelette the British front advanced

16 September 1916    F S Newman (N)    Private     Royal Army Service Corps, 9th Field Amb.    22   Son of Frederick and Rose Newman, of Sandon, Essex.   II. E. 50, La Neuville British Cemetery    Corbie

Somme, British storm Stuff Redoubt and advance

27 September 1916    Albert Clarence Prentice (Y)   Lance Corp    Essex Regiment, 11th Bn.    22    Son of Mrs. Emma J. Prentice, of 33, Powers Hall End, Witham, Essex.      Pier and Face 10 D, Thiepval Memorial    France

Somme, Thiepval ridge (except part of Schwaben Redoubt) all occupied. Advance south of Eaucourt l’Abbaye.

30 September 1916    Walter Henry Howell (Y)   Private   London Regiment, 1st/9th Bn. (Rifleman, Queen Victoria’s Rifles)    20    Son of Charles William and Agnes Howell, of Witham, Essex.       XI. D. 6, Etaples Military Cemetery    France, Pas de Calais

06 October 1916    Edwin Graham-Brown (P)
[or just E G Brown]    Private    Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment, 11th Bn.    —    —   Pier and Face 11 C, Thiepval Memorial    France, Somme

Somme, front, north: … Germans regain ground.

06 November 1916    F T W Hammond (Y)    Lance Corp      Essex Regiment, 9th Bn.    21    Son of George and Elizabeth Hammond, of Bridge St., Witham, Essex.       VIII. H. 6, Habarcq Communal Cemetery Extension     France, Pas de Calais

Somme, battle of the Ancre: British capture [several places] … and nearly 4,000 prisoners.

13 November 1916    James Murray Round, M.C. (Y)    Captain    MC    Essex Regiment, 13th Bn.   22   Son of the late Francis R. Round, C.M.G., and of Frances Emily Round, of Avenue House, Witham, Essex.      I. K. 37, Serre Road Cemetery No. 2   France, Somme
Probably something in newspapers about him

28 November 1916    A E Baker (P)    Private       Essex Regiment, 9th Bn.    —    —
II. B. 13, Wanquetin Communal Cemetery     France, Pas de Calais

South of the Ancre British penetrate … into enemy positions … North of the Ancre British take hostile trenches

 17 February 1917    A A Phillips (P)    Private        Northamptonshire Regiment, 6th Bn.    —    —    IV. D. 8, Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt    France, Somme

Germans begin to withdraw in front of Serre.

21 February 1917    Maurice J Bones (P)    Private       Essex Regiment, 13th Bn.    —    —    Pier and Face 10 D, Thiepval Memorial     France, Somme

March – April 1917, Gaza

Gaza, First Battle of Gaza. General Murray attacks; thick fog; Gaza surrounded, but not penetrated

26 March 1917    Alfred James Seaborn (Y)   Private  Essex Regiment, 5th Bn.    21    Son of Charles and Emily Seaborn, of Ardley’s Yard, High St., Witham, Essex.    Panels 33 to 39,  Jerusalem Memorial   Israel, unspecified

26 March 1917    P F Adams (P)    Private        Essex Regiment, 1st/5th Bn.    —    —    X. C. 7, Gaza War Cemetery     Israel, unspecified

6 April 1917, US declares war on Germany
8 April – end May, 1917, Arras
British advance … Severe fighting …

07 April 1917    C. Driver (Y)    Corporal    M.M.    Gloucestershire Regiment, 2nd/5th Bn.    30    Son of Mrs. A. Driver, of Mill Lane, Witham, Essex. [he was a singer, see Essex County Chronicle, 17 January 1917, when he was on sick leave]    I. C. 42,    Vadencourt British Cemetery, Maissemy     France, Aisne

07 April 1917    J C Bright (P)    Lance Corp       Suffolk Regiment, 11th Bn.    —    —    I. K. 49,    Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension     France, Pas de Calais

Arras, British capture [several places] German attack on British … repulsed.

14 April 1917    William Ernest Duncombe (Y)   Private    Essex Regiment, 1st Bn.    20    Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Duncombe, of Water Works, Witham, Essex.      Bay 7, Arras Memorial     France, Pas de Calais

Gaza, Second Battle of Gaza. Heavy fighting and much ground gained, but, owing to severe losses, attack not pushed through.

19 April 1917    Frederick William Cornwell (Y)   Private    Hampshire Regiment, 1st/8th Bn.    27   Son of Sarah Cornwell, of 3, Scrivener Terrace, Chipping Hill, Witham, Essex, and the late Frederick Cornwell.      Panels 28 and 29,    Jerusalem Memorial      Israel, unspecified

Arras, British gain ground east of Fampoux (east of Arras).

21 April 1917    Sidney Arthur Hutley (Y)   Corporal     Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent), Regiment, 6th Bn.    20    Son of Mrs. M. A. Hutley and the late James Hutley, of Hope Cottage, Mill Lane, Witham, Essex.      1, Hesdin Communal Cemetery      France, Pas de Calais

Arras, South of Moronvilliers two heavy enemy counter-attacks fail.

01 May 1917    Robert Steele Stoneham (P)    Lance Corp    Essex Regiment, 2nd Bn.    —    —    Bay 7, Arras Memorial      France, Pas de Calais

Arras, Repulse of various German attacks on ground gained by Allies

11 May 1917    F Perry (P)    Private    Essex Regiment, 9th Bn.    —    —    XXV. A. 9A, Etaples Military Cemetery     France, Pas de Calais

Arras, British storm most of Bullecourt, and Roeux trenches. Enemy’s counter-attack fails.

12 May 1917    Frederick William Thorogood (N)   Private    Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment, 6th Bn.    27    Husband of Jane Elizabeth Thorogood, of 131, Arlington Rd., Camden Town, London.      Bay 7, Arras Memorial     France, Pas de Calais

21 May – 14 June, 1917. Messines

25 June 1917, US troops arrive in France

July – late Sept 1917, Passchendaele, including Ypres (3rd)

20 July 1917    Stephen Wilfred Tyrell (N)    Private   Middlesex Regiment, 23rd Bn.    32    Son of Clara Tyrell, of Chipping Hill, Witham, Essex, and the late Peter Tyrell; husband of Beatrice Emma Tyrell, of Brook Villa, White Notley, Witham, Essex.      Sp. Mem. H. 1, Hedge Row Trench Cemetery     Belgium, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen
Essex Weekly News 25 January 1918, page 6, re funeral of Stephen’s father Peter, says ‘Mr and Mrs Tyrell recently lost second son in France. The eldest is at present in Salonika’.

Gaza, successful British raid

22 July 1917    Herbert Hooten (P)    Private       Dorsetshire Regiment, 2nd Bn.    23    Son of Mrs. Lily Pettitt.      Panel 22 and 63,  Basra Memorial   Iraq, unspecified

Passchendaele Intense artillery activity in Flanders.

22 July 1917    B Bickmore (Y)    Corporal      Royal Field Artillery, “C” Bty. 83rd Bde.    35    Husband of Sarah Ann Bickmore, of 51, Maldon Rd., Witham, Essex.      I. L. 8, Perth Cemetery (China Wall) Belgium, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen,

Passchendaele, successful British raids [does it mean air ?]

28 July 1917    Frank James Goodey (N)    Gunner      Royal Garrison Artillery, 163rd Siege Bty.    36    Son of James and Mary Goodey, of Witham, Essex [James probably UDC water engineer]; husband of Louisa Goodey, of 9, Grosvenor Rd. East, St. Albans.      III. A. 3, Mendinghem Military Cemetery     Belgium, Poperinge, West-Vlaanderen

Ypres, 3rd battle of Ypres begins. British and French attack on 15-mile front in Flanders

31 July 1917    Charles Blade Wenden (Y)    Second Lieut   Royal Garrison Artillery, 104th Siege Bty.   28    Husband of Jessie M. Wenden, of Witham, Essex.      I. I. 14, Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery   Belgium, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen

Ypres, Positions ….retaken by British. Germans attack … and carry some trenches.

02 August 1917    Henry Everitt (P)    Corporal       Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent) Regiment, 6th Bn.    —    —    Bay 7, Arras Memorial     France, Pas de Calais

Ypres, Allies attack on nine-mile front … capturing all objectives … Germans press back British from ground won earlier in the day.

16 August 1917    Henry Charles Godfrey (Y)   Private    Essex Regiment, 1st Bn.    19    Son of Henry and Florence Godfrey, of 27, Bridge St., Witham, Essex.      Panel 98 to 99, Tyne Cot Memorial      Belgium, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen

Ypres, north of Ypres slight British advance.

20 August 1917    Cyril Chaplin (Y)    Corporal       East Surrey Regiment, 9th Bn.    24    Son of Henry James and Caroline Chaplin, of Bridge St., Witham.   In North-West part, Witham (All Saints) churchyard      United Kingdom, Essex
[died in England: see M photos:-]

Ypres … British line slightly advanced.

23 August 1917    G. Pavelin (P)    Private    Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 9th Bn.    —    —    XVIII. B. 3A,    Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery      Belgium, Poperinge, West-Vlaanderen

Ypres, British advanced line forced back from positions gained on 22 August.

24 August 1917    Harold Cecil Round (Y)    Captain   D.S.O., M.C.    Rifle Brigade, 6th Bn. attd. 9th Bn.   21    Son of Frances Emily Round, of Avenue House, Witham, Essex, and the late Francis Richard Round, C.M.G.       Panel 145 to 147, Tyne Cot Memorial   Belgium, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen
See Essex County Chronicle, 14 Sept 1917. There was a memorial service, jointly with Capt R L Hardy (for whom see below. This was the Rounds’ third son to be killed; a fourth, Pt A J M Round of the Canadian Forces, was at the memorial service]

24 August 1917    Richard Luard Hardy (N)   Captain    Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 8th Bn.    26   Son of the late Richard Gillies Hardy, C.S.I., and of Charlotte Amfie [sic] Hardy, of The Hurst, Church Crookham, Hants [Charlotte = 1st daughter of Admiral Luard]      Sp. Mem. A. 3, Hooge Crater Cemetery      Belgium, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen
Essex County Chronicle, 14 Sept 1917 reported a memorial service, jointly with Capt H Round (for whom see above)

Ypres, Enemy’s attacks on Tower Hamlets’ ridge (Ypres) repulsed.

21 September 1917    Harry W Collar (P)    Private      Durham Light Infantry, 20th Bn.    26    Son of the late William and Eliza Collar, of Gestingthorpe, Essex.      Panel 128 to 131 and 162 and 162A, Tyne Cot Memorial      Belgium, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen

19 October 1917    Ernest William Horsnell (P)   Private   Northumberland Fusiliers, 22nd (Tyneside Scottish) Bn.    —    —    Panel 19 to 23 and 162,   Tyne Cot Memorial      Belgium, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen

Ypres, Germans regain a little ground … German attack(s) … repulsed.

23 October 1917    G William Jopson (Y)    Private       Essex Regiment, “C” Coy. 10th Bn.    25    Son of David and Mary Jane Jopson, of 68, Church St., Chipping Hill, Witham, Essex.      Panel 98 to 99,    Tyne Cot Memorial      Belgium, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen

Ypres, German attack in Champagne repulsed.

28 October 1917    Louis Bradshaw (P)    Gunner       Royal Garrison Artillery, 171st Siege Bty.    —    —   I. I. 39, Ypres Reservoir Cemetery      Belgium, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen

Middle East, British capture positions north of Beersheba. On Tigris, British rout Turks near Dur, 85 miles above Baghdad.

02 November 1917    G W Webb (P)    Private       Essex Regiment, 1st/5th Bn.    —    —      XXVI. F. 1, Gaza War Cemetery      Israel, unspecified

20 November – 7 Dec 1917, Cambrai
Cambrai, Surprise British Advance Third Army … attacks on ten mile front … “Hindenburg Line” broken, numerous villages captured …

20 November 1917    Henry William Perry Porter (N)    Lance Corp    Royal Engineers, 1st Bn [newspaper says Northumberland Fusiliers]    32   Son of James and Oliva Porter, of High St., Witham, husband of Kathleen Matilda Porter, of Terling, Chelmsford [Riverhill Terling acc to newspaper].   Bay 2-3, Arras Memorial      France, Pas de Calais. Mentioned in Essex Weekly News, 4 Jan 1918 p 5, and 11 Jan p 1, 25 Jan p 5 col 6 (‘Mrs Porter of Terling. Husband Lance Corporal Henry W P Porter in Northumberland Fusiliers, reported killed last year. Letter from officer. 32 years. Front for 11 months. Only son of Mr and Mrs J Porter of Witham. Assisted father in business of plumber and painter, and in Witham Fire Brigade’).

Cambrai [?],. fierce fighting … British gains …

24 November 1917    Herbert Sidney Valentine (P)   Corporal    Middlesex Regiment, 20th Bn    —    [see photo M1680 and Tribunal in Essex County Chronicle 24 Mch 1916]      Addenda Panel,    Cambrai Memorial, Louverval      France, Nord

03 January 1918    William Charles Bones (Y)   Signalman [Leading Signalman on CWGC]      Royal Navy, H.M. S/M. “G8.”    22    Son of Charles and Mary Elizabeth Bones, of Temperance Hotel, [9 Albert Road] Witham, Essex.    27.    Plymouth Naval Memorial    United Kingdom, Devon

13 January 1918    A H Goody (P)    Private       Northamptonshire Regiment, 6th Bn.    —    —   XV. D. 30, Cement House Cemetery      Belgium, Langemark-Poelkapelle, West-V.
Essex Weekly News, 8 Feb, page 5, col 7 says he ‘died of pneumonia in the Holy Land’.

16 January 1918    Charles John Nelthorpe Aldham (N)    Signaller   London Regiment, 2nd/24th Bn.   31    Son of Alfred B. Aldham, of Witham, Essex [newspaper says of Parkside, Maldon Road]; husband of Emily Bertha Aldham, of 16, York St., Covent Garden, London.      R. 10, Jerusalem War Cemetery     Israel, unspecified

19 February 1918    Harry Chaplin (Y)    Private       London Regiment, 2nd/18th Bn. (London Irish Rifles) [at first was in RAMC]    22    Son of H. J. and Caroline Chaplin, of 38, Bridge St., Witham, Essex.   T.97, Jerusalem War Cemetery     Israel, unspecified
[died in England?].

15 March 1918    Albert Walter Randall (P)   Sergeant    M.S.M.    Army Service Corps, M.T. Coy.   25    Son of Mary Ann Easter (formerly Randall), of 14, Uphavering Terrace, Abbs Cross Rd., Hornchurch, and the late Walter John Randall. Born at Witham.      Near north boundary, Witham (All Saints) Churchyard      United Kingdom, Essex.  Essex Weekly News, 22 March 1918, p 6 col 6. Report of ‘Funeral of Staff sergeant Albert W Randall, MM, ASC (MT), All Saints church.’ Mourners: Mrs Easter, mother; Miss K Randall, sister …and Mr Easter. … Wreath included one from Witham Catechism. At close, Patrol Leader H Bickmore of the Witham scouts sounded the last post.

21 March 1918, Germany launches Spring push, eventually mounting five major offensives against Allied forces, starting with the Battle of Picardy
Germans take … [several places] and reach line of Somme.

 23 March 1918    Harry Sewell (P)    Private    The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 11th Bn.    —    —      Bay 2, Arras Memorial      France, Pas de Calais

Germans held in desperate fighting … cross Somme between … take … [several places]

24 March 1918    Albert A Wright (P)    Private       Middlesex Regiment, 23rd Bn.    —    —      Bay 7,    Arras Memorial      France, Pas de Calais

North of Somme … heavy German attacks break down.
South of Somme  … Demuin lost and retaken by British.

30 March 1918    G H Turner (P)    Corporal    12th Lancers.    —    —      Panel 4, Pozieres Memorial   France, Somme

30 March 1918    Harry William Mann (Y)   Lieutenant    Royal Field Artillery, 178th Bde.    34   Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. F. J. T. Mann, of Witham, Essex; husband of Elsie Muriel Bennett, (formerly Mann), of the Castle House, Ongar, Essex. A.R.I.B.A. Went to France in 1914 as Serjt. in Essex Yeomanry [also see 13 May 1915 above]          I. O. 4, Bellacourt Military Cemetery, Riviere   France, Pas de Calais

9 April 1918, Germany launches second Spring offensive, the Battle of the Lys, in the British sector of Armentieres
Violent attacks on junction of British and French …  south of Somme.

24 April 1918    William John Claydon (Y)    Private   Bedfordshire Regiment, 7th Bn.    18    Son of G. and Annie Claydon, of 14, Bridge St., Witham, Essex.
II. C. 11,  Adelaide Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneux   France, Somme

Minor infantry actions. Enemy guns active …

02 May 1918    Louis George Chaplin (Y)    Private     Cheshire Regiment, 11th Bn.    —    —     V. A. 2,  La Clytte Military Cemetery      Belgium, Heuvelland, West-Vlaanderen. See M photos

27 May 1918, Third German Spring offensive

Third Battle of the Aisne, begins in French sector along Chemin des Dames. New German thrust for Paris. … Allies’ line pressed back …

27 May 1918    Edward Reed (Y)    Sergeant       Essex Regiment, 2nd Bn.(see addit. dets.)    32   Territorial Efficiency Medal. Son of the late William and Ella Mountain Reed, of High St., Witham, Essex. (Main Regt Northamptonshire Regt. Secondary Regt. Essex Regt, formerly “A” Coy. 8th (Cyclist) Bn.    —    Soissons Memorial      France, Aisne

9 June 1918, Germans launch fourth Spring offensive. Battle of the Matz, in French sector between Noyan and Montdider

19 June 1918    John Shelley (Y)    Private    The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 6th Bn.   19    Son of John and Gertrude Shelley, of Witham, Essex.      C. 4, Harponville Communal Cemetery Extension      France, Somme

20 June 1918    H Hammond  (Y)    Private [Lance Corp in CWGC]    Sussex Regiment, 2nd Bn.    —    —      P. 12, Cambrin Military Cemetery      France, Pas de Calais

09 July 1918    Alan Joseph Smith (Y)    Second Lieut    Royal Garrison Artillery, 49th Siege Bty.   19    Son of Joseph Ernest and Florence Mabel Smith, of Earlsmead, Witham, Essex.      Plot 2. Row A. Grave 9, Le Grand Hasard Military Cemetery, Morbecque      France, Nord

15 July 1918, Final phase of great German Spring push. Second Battle of Marne, begins

18 July 1918, Allies counterattack against German forces, seizing initiative

8 August 1918, start of successful Amiens offensive, forcing all German troops back to the Hindenburg Line; Ludendorff calls it a “black day” for German army

 10 August 1918    F Dawson (P)    Private    4th (Queen’s Own) Hussars    —    —      II. I. 4/6,    Fouquescourt British Cemetery      France, Somme

10 August 1918    F Britton (P)    Corporal    Essex Regiment, 9th Bn.    21    Son of George James and Matilda Alice Britton, of Hill Side View, Wickham Bishops, Witham, Essex.      B. 14, Morlancourt British Cemetery No.2      France, Somme

British retake Merville (Lys front).

19 August 1918    Percy Herbert Babbs (Y)   Private    Norfolk Regiment, 12th Bn.    33    Husband of Edith Babbs, of Eagle Cottage, Witham, Essex.      II. C. 64, Outtersteene Communal Cemetery Extension, Bailleul      France, Nord

Battle on 23-mile front; Troops of First Army, supported by tanks, break through Drocourt-Queant “Switch” line, south of Scarpe, capture Cagnicourt and Villers, encircle and take Queant by nightfall; 10,000 prisoners. On Lys front British also gain ground, and north of Peronne, where Sailly-Sallisel and whole of St. Pierre-Vaast Wood re-taken.

02 September 1918    Arthur Ernest Norman [is E A on War Memorial] (N)    Lance Corp [Private on cwgc]    Essex Regiment, 2nd Bn.    29    Husband of E. S. Norman, of Bridge St., Writtle, Chelmsford.   II. K. 25, Dury Crucifix Cemetery      France, Pas de Calais.

Further info from Ian Hook: Originally C Company of the 1st/8th (Cyclist) Battalion
Born and lived Witham, enlisted at Maldon Entitled to the British War and Allied Victory Medals (N.Archive Medal Roll file WO329/1378 as Pte)

In Yugoslavia, Allies continue to advance on both sides of Vardar river.

24 September 1918    Charley [sic] Cole (Y)   Driver    Royal Field Artillery, “B” Bty. 102nd Bde.    27    Son of John and Martha Cole, of Witham, Essex.      Plot 5. Row B. Grave 4, Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetery Extension       Italy, unspecified

British take Cambrai. Advance continued. Since 21 August entire Hindenburg system broken through.

09 October 1918     Andrew Ager (P)    Sergeant   [MM in CWGC]    Essex Regiment, 1st Bn.    —    —      Panel 7, Vis-En-Artois Memorial      France, Pas de Calais

07 November 1918    George Ager [Agar in CWGC] (P)    Private    The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 9th Bn.    27    Son of George and Alice Jennings, of Bridge St., Witham.  [?died in England] In North-West part, Witham (All Saints) churchyard      United Kingdom, Essex

07 November 1918    C Bones (P)    Private       Northamptonshire Regiment, 1st Garrison Bn.    —    — [flu epidemic in hospitals?]      411, Kirechkoi-Hortakoi Military Cemetery      Greece, unspecified
Not on War Memorial, but buried All Saints

21 February 1919    Herbert Du Cane Luard (N)   Commander    Coastguard (Plymouth)    49    Son of Admiral Sir William Garnham Luard and Lady Luard, of The Lodge, Witham, Essex; husband of Bessie Luard, of Keith Cottage, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hants.      East of church, Witham (All Saints) churchyard      United Kingdom, Essex


On War Memorial but details unknown
W E Butcher    Private        Royal Marine? HMS The Queen
A H Benson    Sergeant        Kings Royal Rifle Corps,
C H Everitt    Private        East Surrey Regiment

Numbers killed each year:
1914    4
1915    8 (plus 2 not on war memorial)
1916    14
1917    30
1918    23
(1919    1 not on war memorial)

On War memorial 79. Plus three unknown = 82.
Plus three not on war memorial but buried in All Saints = 85

On the War Memorial, 67, i.e. 79%, were killed from 1916 onwards, 53 (67%) from 1917 onwards.


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