Chipping Hill (south side) and Earlsmead, street renumbering, 1970

Street numbering of the south side of Chipping Hill and Earlsmead in 1970 The information is from the map given to Janet Gyford by Witham Urban District Council, 1970 At the top is the western part, whilst below is the east. The new numbers have thick black rings round them. List of renumbering

Collingwood Road, street renumbering, 1951-1952

Street re-numbering of Collingwood Road, 1951-1952 Most of the places were matched up by Janet Gyford just by comparing the people’s names. But entries in italics are different people in 1952 from 1951, so the places can’t be compared by names. In those cases, the matching of the numbers is just deduced from the position … Continue reading “Collingwood Road, street renumbering, 1951-1952”

Avenue Road, street renumbering, 1952-1953

Street renumbering of Avenue Road, 1952-1953 Note. The Urban District Council’s Public Health Committee, held on 13 October 1936 agreed the following, but perhaps it wasn’t all done, though the Avenue was. page 540. The Avenue, Avenue Road and Collingwood Road, numbering of houses. The Head Post master says ‘delivery of correspondence would be expedited’ … Continue reading “Avenue Road, street renumbering, 1952-1953”

Avenue, The, street renumbering, 1936-1937

Street renumbering of The Avenue, 1936-1937 Previously there were no numbers, only names. The renumbering gave numbers to all the houses. Many kept a name as well. The places in italics have different people in 1937 from 1936, so for them. the new numbers and names are deduced from the position in the list. Odds … Continue reading “Avenue, The, street renumbering, 1936-1937”